Leaving social media for good?

The experience

  • I was okay with lagging behind on the social trends. Sometimes, my friends would talk about certain topics that they saw on Instagram or TikTok and I had no idea what they were talking about. It sounds like it hurts to be left out in those kinds of conversations, but I learned a lot about how influential the media has been on us as humans; that was a win in my book!
  • I don’t feel the need to post about my time with them. It felt natural to just immerse yourself into the conversation in order to connect instead of the superficial connection of posting a picture/video about the hangout itself to other people who weren’t there. I understand the “making memories” aspect of it all, but it seemed to ruin the natural flow of being present. To fully sit down and have meaningful conversations with people I care about meant more than letting people know through the Internet what I was up to.

What I learned

Sadly, we are addicted and distracted.

Projected Living > Present Being

Amplified Upward Comparison

Exposure to ideas that are not logically supported or breed toxic behaviors and mindsets

Final Words



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